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Physics objective questions for 12th (Most important)

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Dear students, it is board exam important question for 12th class and physics objective questions for 12th. It is vvi objective questions for board exam (Electrostatics objective SET-1.3) and students can solve all important question of class 12. If you want to read all objective questions in english then click here and for in hindi language click here or class 12 free online test click here. It is physics objective questions of 12th of electrostatics chapter.

Physics objective questions for 12th
Physics objective questions for 12th

Physics objective questions for 12th

It is class 12 most important objective questions and class 12 vvi objective and It is 12th important physics questions.

VVI Objective questions

(1) Electric field at the surface point of charge conductor is:-
(a) ε₀ σ
(b)  σ/ε₀
(c)  Zero
(d)  σ/2ε₀
Ans:- (b)

Electrostatics objective questions

(2) Electric field at the inside point of charge conductor is:-
(a) ε₀ σ
(b)  σ/ε₀
(c)  Zero
(d)  ε₀/2
Ans:- (c)

3. The electric field intensity at the surface of charge conductor is :-
(a)  Zero
(b)  Perpendicular to the surface
(c) Tangential to the surface
(d) at 450 to surface

Exam most important objective

4. Electric field and Potential is inside the charged conductor is respectively:-
(a)  constant, zero
(b)  zero, constant
(c)  infinite, variable
(d) variable, infinity

5. Electric field intensity due to infinitely charge conducting sheet at near point is:-
(a)  ε₀ σ
(b)  σ/ε₀
(c)  σ/2ε₀
(d)  (1/2)ε₀ σ

Bihar board objective

6. Work required for the moving of 2 C charges is 20J from one point to other, then potential difference between the point is :-
(a)  10
(b)   20
(c)   5
(d)    2

Bihar board vvi question

7. Which of the following is a vector quantity?
(a) Charge
(b)  Capacitance
(c)   Electric field
(d)  Electric current

8. What is the work done due to rotation of electric-dipole in external electric field?
(a)  W = pE(1 – cosθ)
(b)  W = pE tanθ
(c)  W = pE secθ
(d)   None of these

Bihar board objective pdf

9.  Gravitational force and electric force between two electrons separated at some distance are Fg and Fe respectively, then Fg/Fe is:-
(a)  9.8
(b) 109
(c) 1042
(d) 10-42

10. Potential energy of an electric dipole in an external electric field is maximum, when angle between electric dipole and electric field is:-
(a)   0
(b)   π/2 rad
(c)    π/4 rad
(d)     π rad

Most important objective

To top in board exam it is must necessary that student read vvi objective and important subjective questions for board exam because if any student starts learning important questions then more chances of topper in board exam. Board exam important questions is must required to becomes topper in state board and cbse board exam.

Bihar board physics objective pdf

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Bihar board important question

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